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All about me:

My goal is to keep my style as natural as possible, I LOVE to use lots of color and textures when I can. I started my business in 2009 after the birth of my first born child. My passion to preserve the memories of life’s most sacred moments took over. I know firsthand that life moves quickly and children and families grow so the importance of capturing those moments is so valuable for both you and your loved ones.

I named my business after myself (as you can see) because my feeling is, I put my all into my passion for photography and would never put my name on something that isn’t anything but the best.

I describe my photography style as a warm photojournalistic view of you and your loved one’s . My goal for each session is to capture you, you children/family in a moment in time that is most special to you. My passion is photographing all of the little detals of your children/family to preserve those special moments/memories. As a mom of 2 I completely understand and respect the time and energy that you put into your family everyday , it can be a very overwhelming task. My photos are a snap in time of a wonderful moment in your life, as life moves quickly by us.

Each image produced from your session represents hours of preparation before during and after your session. Every image is a reflection of my time and education of learing the craft of photography, thousands of dollars of photography equipment/props, marketing and the editing and storage of the images. My pricing is carefully calculated taking all of this into consideration.

Thank you for finding me and taking the time to work with me in creating the most cherished memories of you and your family.

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